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Created in 2 weeks for the Shock and Awww Game Jam!

Content Warning: Contains audio and visual jumpscares.

Ren is bored in a cafe waiting for zir girlfriend on Halloween. Nothing could go wrong.

Controls: Mouse and W on the keyboard

*Note for Mac users: if the game will not run, please try launching it from the itch.io desktop app. There is a problem with Catalina where it unzips files improperly and unmarks them as executable.

By dragonsbutalsorabbits

Additional programming by Emerassi

Sounds from freesound.org: Medium Wind by kangaroovindaloo, Cat meow by TRNGLE, cat meow by tuberatanka, hiss2.wav by Reitanna, cell phone vibrate glass_loopable.wav by mobaudio


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WhatGoesPumpkinTheNight.zip 26 MB
WhatGoesPumpkinTheNightMac.zip 26 MB
WhatGoesPumpkinTheNightLinux.zip 28 MB


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Super cute! I love all the critters in this. They're adorable. The walking part also caught me off-guard. I was spooked.

I also really like the color scheme for this. I would expect it to clash, but instead it pops, and I love how it all fits together.


Thank you so much! Hehe. I'm excited you like the colors! I really wanted to have purple and orange. It was the first time I didn't use a preset color palette someone else had made! ^_^

Well that was the most adorable thing I've ever seen, I love zem!


Hehe thank you! I love zem too


Well, that was very cute!


Thank youuu =3