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Free, charming short game riffing on Pokémon's unnecessary focus on binary gender. Non-binary POC protagonist. 4/5 stars - excellent.

This was really good, the art is adorable and I love the enby rep! As an enby lifetime fan of creature raising rpgs, this is exactly my kind of game. 

Thank you! I'm really glad. Enby rep <3

really liked this as a deconstruction of the elements of the pokemon world that fall apart as soon as you opt out of the gender binary. big fan of the art and UI too, i'd love to see & spend more time in this world

Thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed me demolishing the pokemon premise (sort of), hehe.

Really nice setup! Would love to play the rest of it :D Best bits were choosing the familizard and armour, and the storywriting was great :thumbsup

Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed it!

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Oh man, this really spoke to me as a nonbinary kid who's always had a lot of trouble accepting the gender requirements of Pokemon. I would totally play a full game centered on rescuing the other familizards.

Also, I love the art for the main character and the options for armoring up! I felt very cool and stylish.

Thank you very much! I got the idea when a couple of friends of mine were talking about what an impostor Professor Oak would do, like tell you to ride your bike indoors, or let you have all 3 starters - or tell you the gender binary was a myth instead of asking if you were a boy or a girl. ^_^