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Made for the Nonbinary Game Jam 2019! https://itch.io/jam/nonbinary-game-jam

A small game about being nonbinary and befriending familizards.

Controls: mouse

Note: The game may not display correctly on fullscreen mode.

For Catalina users: The game does not appear to open correctly when downloaded from the browser because of Catalina's troubles with extracting zip files. Please try the desktop itch app first, then if that doesn't work, check here https://itch.io/post/1516186 for possible options on getting the game to open.


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Deleted 28 days ago

Haha thank you! Yeah it's real short XD I made it in only a week for a game jam. I haven't come up with an idea that I really want to do for the next part, but I'd like to someday.

Deleted 28 days ago

XD Thank you very much!

I'm glad some more games have been moving past strict boy/girl divisions but they usually still make you pick, huh?

Because of the pandemic I picked up a pokémon game for the first time in a while and the experience is still fresh in my mind, so your game feels extra *~great~*.

[Even though I identify myself as a girl, I can't help feeling uncomfortable with the way the character is chosen... idk]. Your game really struck a chord. Got me thinking about rom hacking too.

Oh, and the familizards?! Very cute!? 10/10 would love them forever.

Thank you very much!


Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed it, and especially that it felt so good on the heels of an actual pokemon game! ^_^


A nice little game, giving a glimpse into nonbinary life for all of us binary folks. I'm sad that it ended when it did, but actually coding a riff on Pokémon would lead to quite the "cascading scope explosion," so I suppose it was necessary.

Thank you! Yes, I uh am unfortunately quite drawn to projects of the cascading scope explosion variety... XD


<I>checks for other itch.io projects

finds no other completed ones</I>

...that checks out.

Like, this is so good, and even though having a pet like that is kind of a very used trope, it's original. I read some comments and I believe that it's bc you "lack concept" or smthing¿ I loved this game and representation is just "thisisthebest". So... I was wondering if once in a while I could send you some ideas that you may get inspiration from? idk they would probably suck but I bet that you would come up with something really cool. But only if you want to, you're probably busy with your other proyects so it's totally ok if you don't want them <3 a my awkward self came out xd
Well yeah, loved the game neat concept u u

I'm glad you enjoyed the game! I hope your ideas inspire you to make your own cool projects. ^_^


Very short (at least, my playthrough was) but very cute, and a real look into what it means for someone to be nonbinary. Thank you!


Yep, very short! XD Thank you, I'm glad you enjoyed it.

I cried playing this. Its not nearly what I expected but its definitely what i needed.


Aw <3


This was super cute and fun! I loved picking my armor and familizard, and the art style is so nice and colorful! I'm non-binary, and the representation means a lot to me ^-^ 

Is there any chance you will continue the story, or make more games set in this universe? I'd happily pay for a full game like this <3

Thanks again for this sweet little experience!


Thank you so much! That's very kind of you. I'm currently working on other projects and haven't come up with anything for a continuation, but I would like to do more someday. ^_^

This game was so cute! I liked it a lot. Do you have plans to continue the story?

Thank you! I'm glad. Currently, no plans! But I wouldn't mind doing more with it if I came up with a cool concept for the next part.

This game ruled! Thanks so much. :)

Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed it.

I was super excited to play this but I guess it doesn't work with OS Catalina :'(

Oh no. :( I think Catalina requires games to go through a notarization process? I'm not very familiar with how it works. >.<

I've noticed that you have to control click stuff and click 'open' to open apps that haven't come from the app store - but this one looks like it isn't supported by the new OS.

I'm hoping to get a PC soon though so hopefully I can play on there :)

Oh cool! ^_^ Could you tell me the error message that it gives you when you try to run the game? That'll help me figure out if it's something I can fix.

I'm also on Catalina, facing the same problem :( For me it just says "The application “ToBeAHerpWitch_Mac” can’t be opened.

That's what it says for me too

aww this was cute!!

Thank you! ^_^


I got this through the Bundle for Racial Justice and Equality and didn't realize it was originally for the Nonbinary Game Jam. I was in a call with my trans gf, and I was elated with the first screen as someone who is NB. Very cute game!

Aw yay! Thanks!

Lil short, but cute n good~


Thank you! ^_^

That was an adorable little experience, thank you a lot for that!

Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed it.


thankful nb here



I'm an agender witch who adores reptiles and pokemon so I immediately related to and loved this short game, the familizards are so cute and I really liked the 'armor up' part. Thanks for making this!


Oh, I'm so glad! Thank you! I'm agender too. ^_^


very cute game!!! definitely very relatable as a nonbinary person and I love the concept the familizards are adorable i want one irl!!!


Thank you! ^_^ I would also love a familizard irl XD


as an nb pokemon fan this game is just wonderful to me. absolutely love it!! awesome work!

I'm so glad! Thanks!


Very cute little game! Short, but worth playing. I appreciate the message, and I also liked the art style a lot. :)


Thank you for your kind words! ^_^


Free, charming short game riffing on Pokémon's unnecessary focus on binary gender. Non-binary POC protagonist. 4/5 stars - excellent.

Deleted 174 days ago
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I'm sorry you've only gotten through 1st grade biology


Thank you for your support! ^_^

This was really good, the art is adorable and I love the enby rep! As an enby lifetime fan of creature raising rpgs, this is exactly my kind of game. 

Thank you! I'm really glad. Enby rep <3


really liked this as a deconstruction of the elements of the pokemon world that fall apart as soon as you opt out of the gender binary. big fan of the art and UI too, i'd love to see & spend more time in this world

Thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed me demolishing the pokemon premise (sort of), hehe.


Really nice setup! Would love to play the rest of it :D Best bits were choosing the familizard and armour, and the storywriting was great :thumbsup


Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed it!

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Oh man, this really spoke to me as a nonbinary kid who's always had a lot of trouble accepting the gender requirements of Pokemon. I would totally play a full game centered on rescuing the other familizards.

Also, I love the art for the main character and the options for armoring up! I felt very cool and stylish.


Thank you very much! I got the idea when a couple of friends of mine were talking about what an impostor Professor Oak would do, like tell you to ride your bike indoors, or let you have all 3 starters - or tell you the gender binary was a myth instead of asking if you were a boy or a girl. ^_^